Hello Boys and Girls


This is it. This is all there is. This is Frankly, Dear! Records. There is nothing more. Nothing less. Except tears, agony, adolescence, boring news, bad haircuts, sex, drinks, lust, life and everything else.

We are a small, no… Rephrase: tiny, norwegian label. We have nothing. No money. No distribution. No management. No plans. Nothing.

That is: we have some good friends that happen to play in great bands. Some of these friends are ourselves, some are not… We are a sad, sad bunch. Can you love us?

This label will not help you become a rockstar. We’re only here ’cause there is nothing else. We are here to love you, hate you, disgust you, demand you and take your hard earned money.

And…. We are here to give you the best independent music from the most unlikely place in the world.